The 2021 autumn issue of the Dutch vexillological magazine Vlag! is now available online. The magazine is published in Dutch but an English summary can be viewed below.

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Summaries Vlag! 28

The meaning of the old flag of Tubbergen is unclear. The municipality wanted a new flag. From a design competition, a logo flag with the municipality name was chosen.

Noardeast-Fryslân (Northeast Friesland)
The municipality of Noardeast-Fryslân has made a small change to its flag. The yellow six-pointed star on the flag has been given sharper points so that it no longer resembles the “Star of David”.

The municipality of Heiloo has made a small change to its flag in 2021 with the cross of Willibrordus.

De Liemers
De Liemers, a region southeast of Arnhem between the Rhine and the Oude IJssel, has adopted a flag in which the split of the Rhine and the IJssel is depicted in two colours of red.

Seyn book Cornelis Vis
The Library of Zealand in Middelburg has purchased the signal book of Rear Admiral Cornelis Vis from 1789.

English counties
The county of Leicestershire adopted officially a flag for the first time in 2021, so that now all 51 historic counties in England have a flag.

United Kingdom
The College of Arms has officially established the colours and proportions of the Union Flag in 2021. The flag is allowed to have two sizes 3:5 or 1:2.

The Taliban took over the administration of Afghanistan in August 2021. The new Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan uses a white flag with in Arabic the Shahada, the Islamic creed, imprinted in black.

South Yemen
The old flag of South Yemen was restored by the Southern Transitional Council in 2017.

Progress flag
The Progress flag is an extension of the LGBTQ Rainbow Flag with a triangle in the colours white, light pink, light blue, brown and black. These first three colours come from the Transgender flag, the last two stand for the black and other coloured people. The flag was on display during the Pride Amsterdam.

Fifth green stripe in the flag of Bloemendaal
Ten years after the annexation of the municipality of Bennebroek by Bloemendaal, the new flag of Bloemendaal was changed by adding an extra green stripe.

Astronaut André Kuipers donates Dutch space flag to Rijksmuseum.
The flag that André Kuipers brought to the ISS space station in 2011 survived the journey and has become part of the flag collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Usually worn clothes and other non-important objects are burned in the atmosphere. By using the flag as a packing material for important equipment, the flag has been preserved.

Condition and conservation of centuries-old flags
In 2014, the collection of flags from the Army Museum in Delft was transferred to the National Military Museum in Soesterberg. In 2021, this museum decided to spread out and check the flags rolled up for transport. Among these flags there are also the captured flags from the Eighty Years’ War that have hung in the Ridderzaal. Smaller flags can then be exhibited, the larger flags are checked and rolled up again.

Valkenburg wants to be part of Belgium
In 1839 when Belgium officially became independent, the province of Limburg was split into a Belgian and Dutch part. In 1918, Belgium wanted the Dutch part of Limburg back as compensation for the suffered war damage. The Societé des Belges à Fauquemont (Valkenburg) already had a banner made with the Belgian colours. However, the majority of the population opted to stay with the Netherlands.

The flag of the municipality of Meierijstad
In 2017, the municipality of Meierijstad was founded by merging the villages of Schijndel, Sint-Oedenrode and Veghel from the Meierij of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. In 2019, the municipality adopted a flag with the colours of the flags of the old villages. Parts of the village coats of arms were also incorporated in the flag.

Flag tribute for Queen Wilhelmina
In 1938, the 40 years jubilee of Dutch queen was celebrated with a parade on the Damplein (Dam square) in Amsterdam. To this end, all municipalities were invited to send a delegation that would participate in the parade preceded by the municipal flag. Special square parade flags were designed consisting of two or more stripes in the colours of the provincial coat of arms with the coat of arms of the municipality in the upper hoist quarter. For municipalities from North Brabant and Friesland, the provincial flag was provided with the municipal coat of arms.

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